We have a plug and play setup. Integrate docwhizz seamlessly with any well-known platforms by copying and pasting a single code snippet – no expertise necessary.


Before installation you need to ensure that you have configured your branding preferences in your dashboard:

Primary ColorThis is the primary color used to highlight the trigger button.
Text ColorThis is the color of the text within the trigger button.
LogoThis is a URL for your company logo.
Company NameThis is the name of your company that you want to display to users.
Button SizeThis configures the size of the button.
BetaThis configures if you want to show a BETA flag on the widget.
MessageThis configures a custom message to display to users.

Code snippet

The simplest way to connect with DocWhizz is by using our code snippet. Just swap out the YOUR_CLIENT_ID placeholder with your client ID and insert the code before the closing head tag.

Copy and paste code snippet

<!-- DocWhizz Assistant Widget - Paste this right before your closing </head> tag -->
  !(function () {
    let t = document.createElement("script");
    t.setAttribute("data-id", "docwhizz-script"),
      t.setAttribute("data-client", "YOUR_CLIENT_ID"),
      (t.crossOrigin = "anonymous"),
      (t.src = ""),
      (t.type = "module"),

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