What is DocWhizz?

DocWhizz transforms the developer documentation experience, simplifying comprehension, implementation, and success with APIs. Our aim is to enable developers to efficiently grasp APIs and boost the adoption of your products.

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Why DocWhizz?

Integrating with APIs as a developer is hard. Developer documentation for just one API product might have hundreds of pages of documentation spanning thousands of individual endpoints, many of which are irrelevant to the task at hand. Developers value sharp user interfaces, well-written documentation and tools that let them quickly get up to speed.

Some stats on the major obstacles developers face from consuming API products:

  • 55% of developers say they have trouble discovering the relevant API endpoints they need.
  • 32% of developers say they lack the fundamental knowledge about the API to start integrating with it.
  • 30% of developers say they lack the time required to go through the integration lifecycle with API products.

But why is this a problem for companies selling to developers?

Ultimately API companies rely on developers for the successful growth and adoption of their product. The average technical consumer has an enormous amount of buying influence when it comes to the tools and platforms that organizations decide to implement. According to Jeffrey Hammond, principal analyst at Forrester, adoption patterns within software teams are shifting towards developers, giving them the power to hinder or aid the adoption of solutions.

57% of developers and technologists say they have some, to a great deal of influence over technology purchases within their organization.

This means that if developers can’t effortlessly grasp, implement, and succeed with your APIs, they are less likely to adopt your product for their solution.

  • > 33% of sales opportunities are lost because the seller failed to get developer buy-in.
  • $40 billion in product purchase decisions are expected to be consumed/influenced by developers.

Some companies building enterprise tech are well-versed in the importance of developer experience, with the rise of Stripe, Twilio, and Auth0 showing that developers will choose technology that makes their lives easier over more established alternatives. When an API, tool, or workflow is elegant, developers can’t help but tell each other, which creates a viral network effect when it comes to adoption, but also increases the general expectations of developers. Leaving companies that can’t meet the benchmark behind.

40% of developers expect software companies to offer educational resources, including training courses and interactive learning environments.

How dows DocWhizz work?

DocWhizz is a smart system that blends retrieval and generation capabilities (RAG). To get started with DocWhizz, you simply need to feed our systems with the technical know-how to handle questions from your audience effectively. When someone asks a question, DocWhizz searches through a bunch of collected info and uses Language Models (LLMs) to generate the final response. Once you're onboarded by the DocWhizz team, you can easily manage data sources through the DocWhizz dashboard.

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